Seeing is knowing


Get certainty in construction by using mixed reality for accurate on-site visual verification of building plans.

Better communication, fewer errors, reduced costs - all possible with BIM Holoview.

Improve productivity in construction

Design and construction mistakes cost the non-residential construction industry around US $49 billion per year.

Through accurate on-site visual overlay of 3D BIM models, BIM Holoview aims to reduce these costs by around 50% meaning the average potential savings for a construction company are $1.4 million per year and are $24.5 billion annually for the industry overall. Read more.

$300 million

Example project

$15 million

Expected rework costs

$7.5 million

Potential costs avoided*

*Disclaimer: Figures are an estimate only and BIM Holoview does not guarantee or warrant their accuracy.

Unlock the power of the HoloLens

BIM Holoview uses Microsoft's mixed reality technology, the HoloLens, to project holographic images of 3D Autodesk® Revit® and Navisworks® models into the real world.

We are the only Mixed Reality product which enables contractors to visually verify placement of structural elements and services to such a high degree of accuracy - within 2cm ( ¾ inch).

Model Size

Easily upload large BIM models (up to 400mb) for viewing on-site.


Accurately position model to within 2cm using a simple 2 marker system.


Visualize layers of a building, see hidden structure and services.

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Construction built with certainty

BIM Holoview has been designed specifically for the construction industry to assist AEC professionals make critical design and construction decisions with certainty - avoid mistakes, delays and rework costs.


Experience what doesn't exist yet, see what's hidden behind ceilings and walls.


Your construction team and sub-contractors fully understand the building plans - everyone is on the same page.


Your worksite is more co-ordinated, construction processes are more efficient.


By identifying design mistakes and clashes early, delays and rework costs can be avoided.



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