Reduce rework, avoid costly design and construction mistakes

Validate design concepts, structure and constructability using BIM Holoview Augmented Reality technology

Work smarter with BIM Holoview, the HoloLens 2 and Remote Assist

Visualize the build, review 3D design models, coordinate projects, prevent mistakes, solve construction issues, monitor progress, undertake inspections, work collaboratively and remotely.

  • Gain buy-in and achieve signoff quickly by enabling an on-site worker (wearing the HoloLens) to share models from the building site with remote stakeholders
  • Make design changes, identify mistakes, clashes and constructability issues early to avoid rework
  • Work remotely to coordinate projects, manage sequencing and monitor progress
  • Solve problems efficiently by empowering technicians to collaborate from different locations
  • Easily access technical support and work hands free by sharing your real-time view on the site with experts in remote locations
  • Avoid travel time and costs for inspections, minimize risk of disputes and litigation
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See how you can build more efficiently, work remotely and provide a higher quality experience for stakeholders.

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Be better placed to deliver projects on time and budget

BIM Holoview has been purposely designed to improve productivity in construction by addressing its biggest challenges:





Rework costs due to design errors, and inaccurate placement of structural elements and services typically comprise 5% (and up to 12%) of total project costs – equivalent on average to contractors losing $2.8 million each per year. BIM Holoview works to halve these costs, primarily through its extreme accuracy in model placement (to 1cm), offering savings of $1.4 million per year on average per contractor.

The COVID-19 crisis is costing construction companies an extra 5% on their projects and increasing timelines by around 30%. The silver lining for companies is in the adoption of real time collaborative technologies that enable smart and safe working. BIM Holoview targets labor efficiency, quality issues, project coordination and cooperation to help save 20% on COVID related project cost increases and to reduce schedule overruns by 30%.

Example project

$300 million budget

36 month timeframe

Average blowout

+$30 million rework & COVID related costs

+11 months schedule overrun

BIM Holoview savings*

$10.5 million costs avoided

3.25 months time saved

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View design models, structure, services and fit-out plans

Files created in the most widely used Building Information Modelling (BIM) modelling software - Autodesk’s 3D Revit® and Navisworks®, or other common CAD software (SketchUp, MicroStation, SolidWorks, Tekla Structures and Rhino), can be viewed onsite and remotely as intricate 3D holographic images aligned precisely to their physical environment.

Images can be viewed table-top for demos and discussions, and as precise stable 1:1 site overlay for accurate location of structural elements and services.

Key features


World locking provides the ability to accurately position a model to within 1cm of its actual location in the real world

Model Size

Support for large/complex Revit and Navisworks models to virtually an unlimited size through Azure Remote Rendering

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“By performing projections of the unit in augmented reality the risks of failures in the construction site were minimized, optimizing productivity and, mainly, enabling delivery on time and expectations.”

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